Services Provided

The Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama operates outpatient
mental health clinics in Lawrence, Limestone, and Morgan counties.

The Mental Health Center:
  • provides psychiatric, and mental health services to adults, children and adolescents;
  • has adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrists who direct the treatment of all clients;
  • employs licensed, certified social workers, nurses, licensed professional counselors and psychiatrists;
  • provides counseling at area schools;
    provides co-occurring substance abuse treatment and prevention services;
  • provides services directly to residents of nursing homes, family members and nursing home staff to better equip them to assist elderly persons who are suffering from a mental illness;
  • provides transitional and permanent housing programs for the clients it serves; and
  • provides community presentations to educate the public about mental health.

For an appointment, call ACCESS at (256) 355-5904 or (800) 365-6008


Important Notice!
The information on this site is intended to help users learn about the Mental Health Center and its facilities. It is provided for informational and referral purposes only and shall not be used as a substitute for medical advice or the services of a trained mental health professional. Persons in need of medical or mental health services should contact a qualified mental health professional or their primary care physician. Privacy policy