Who We Are


The Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama is a public, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has provided psychiatric and mental health services for Lawrence, Limestone, and Morgan counties Alabama since 1967. The Mental Health Center can date its origins back to the Federal Community Mental Health Center Act and Act 310 of the Alabama State Legislature in 1967. Our mission is to do what we can to provide treatment, education and assistance to people affected by mental health and substance use issues.

Services provided by the Mental Health Center includes: counseling and therapy for adults, children and families; co-occurring substance abuse treatment; treatment for people with mental illnesses; in-home treatment services; case management; geriatric programs; psychiatric assessment; medication prescription; and other programs that serve the mental health needs of the north central Alabama community.

Programs include: Decatur Morgan Counseling Center (DMCC), Moulton- Lawrence Counseling Center (MLCC), Athens -Limestone Counseling Center (ALCC), The Albany Clinic for Children (CTAC), Options Geriatric Program and others.  The Center has approximately 165 staff including psychiatrists, nurses, clinicians, social workers, counselors, case managers and numerous support personnel.  Services are provided at outpatient clinics, local schools, nursing homes, courthouses, and other locations. During 2018 the Mental Health Center provided treatment services for over 3,679 children and adults.

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